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Travel Blogger | Nicole Navigates | 22nd August 2019

Navigating Market Harborough: A first timers guide!

And then just at the end of our trip, I found a beautiful little chocolate shop called Chocolate Lovers which looked as though it sold gelato and as it was an incredibly hot day, I really fancied one!

The owner was incredibly sweet and actually talked us through the process of making the ice creams and informed us that she only makes them with dark chocolate and water – so absolutely no milk involved, which is mad considering the texture was so creamy and like Mr Whippy consistency. 


Food Blogger | Hanna | Scandelights | 24th July 2019

Market Harborough | A seriously good hot chocolate!

After a couple of hours it was tea time and we looked around for a nice local café, but we could only see the big chains which was not very appealing. But then we spotted a nice looking chocolate shop. And they had chairs in the window, and so must be serving something. Maybe hot chocolate?! Which was on my mind anyway since it was a cold and grey day.


They were almost about to close but let us in anyway. We got to try different types of chocolate and choose which one we wanted for our hot chocolate. I opted for a milk chocolate while by boyfriend chose a darker one.


We also got to choose a truffle each to go with the hot drink and then we sat down. We got a large cup of warm frothy skimmed milk (it goes better with the chocolate than whole milk they explained) which we added our chocolate buttons to and stirred until they had melted.


I really liked that we got to do this ourselves (it felt like a lovely little ceremony, much like pouring tea through a tea strainer and adding milk and sugar) as it added to the anticipation of the drink, which (of course) was utterly delicious. Definitely one of the best hot chocolates I’ve ever had! The crunchy salted caramel truffle I got was lovely too and I can’t wait to come back here and stock up on both chocolate for drinking and some lovely truffles.

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